Acrojou's Bouncing Stilt Jesters - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Circus Entertainers
Bouncing Stilt Circus Walkabout
German Wheel Rolling story Telling
The 1950’s Perfect Balloon Modelling Housewife
Amazing Norvinis - Aerial, Musical Magic - Show - Aerial, Musical, Magic - Show
Comedy Magic with Contortion or Aerial
A Classy Contortion, Aerial, Dance and Stilt Company
Colourful, Creative and Captivating Hula Hooper!
Pop Opera Divas
Balloonatic - Walkabout Balloon Modeller Entertainers
The UK's Most Extravagant Balloon Artists
Bathtub Circus - The mobile bath tub - walkabout entertainers
Gentle Jugglers and Spiffing Stilt Walkers
Beautiful Belles - Stilt Walking Bells Walkabout Entertainers
Stilt Walking Bells
Dancing the Nineteen Twenties into the Noughties
Brilliantly Inspired, Gorgeously Absurd, Hilarious Comic Performance
Bolli Darling - Sumptuous Swans - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Sumptuous Swans on Stilts
Get the Streets Talking
BoSi's UN Peas Corps - Zeppelin & Foot Patrol Walkabout Entertainment
Zeppelin and Foot Patrol Maintaining World Peas
Bread's Green Finger Folk - Roaming comic plant pots - Walkabout
Roaming comic plant pots
Walkabout Life Size Puppet Flower Seller
The Singing, Swinging Aerialist
Christopher Matthews - Fun and Sophisticated Close Up Magic
Fun and Sophisticated Close Up Magic
Balloon Antics and Clowning Mayhem
Claudia Contortion - Witness the Impossible - Cabaret Entertainer
Witness the Impossible
Contortion Chandelier - Exquisite acrobatic skills dripping in diamonds cabaret
Exquisite acrobatic skills dripping in diamonds
The Goblins Oddness and Grottstick
Combining Spectacle with Stilts, Slapstick, Style and Storytelling
Ice Cream Based Mobile, Musical Theatre
Curious Sitwells - Astride a full sized penny farthing bikes - Walkabout
Astride a full sized penny farthing bikes
Dave Chameleon - Ringmaster and street shows -
Improvisation and Comedy with a Theatrical Style
One of the Most Flexible Girls in The Business
Classic Clown Car Act and Comedy Waiter
Dinotopia - Captain Jon Voyage and his beautiful dinosaur - Walkabout Entertaine
Captain Jon Voyage and his beautiful dinosaur
Divine Company - ribbon dancers stilt walkers fire performers entertainers
Combine Elements of Circus and Dance
Divine Optioscopes - light dancers  - walkabout circus entertainers -
Illuminated dancers
Divine Stilts - Stilt Walking Entertainers - The Glow Arcadians
Stilt Walking Beauty
Dream - Clown Stilts - Walkabout
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of
Dream Aerial Silks - Circus Aerial Dancers and Acrobatics - Circus Cabaret
Circus Aerial Dancers and Acrobatics
Electric Cabaret - Human statues - Living Statues - Entertainers
Entertainment with a Surreal Twist
Walkabout Comedy Puppetry
Feature's Restoration - The Restoration - Walkabout
Beautiful Costumes, Colourful Characters
Aerial Circus
Fudge's Flatulator - Victorian Noise Maker - Musical Walkabout Entertainer
Victorian Noise Maker
Stilt Walking Lord and Lady Pompous
The World's First Music Hall cum R 'n' B Superstar
Inflate-a-belles  - Balloon Modellers - Walkabout Circus and Corporate Entertain
Exciting New Group of Balloon Artists
Comedic Quick Draw Artist
Jon Hicks - Artist in Action - Cabaret Entertainer and Street Performer
Artist in Action
Kwabana Lindsay - Slack Rope Walker - Street Show
Versatile Old School Entertainer
Freestanding Beautiful Aerial Ballet
Larger Than Life - The Ostriches - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
With Attitude - and Altitude!
Specialise in Amazing Gliding Characters
Solo, Speciality Acts and the Skills
The Creatures, The Martians and Felix and Felix
First Class Magic and Pick Pocket
Distinctive Performer
Methods of Movement - Acrobatic Breakdance Crew - Dance - Show or Walkabout
Acrobatic Breakdance Crew
Nuanced, Breathtaking and Highly-Skilled Acrobatic Theatre
Miss Behave - Sword Swallower - Show or MC
Mistress of Ceremonies, Eccentric Comedian and Speciality Act
Mr Doo - Juggling Jesters - Walkabout
All Round Circus Performer
Musical Ruth and the Amazing Magical Mobile Piano!
Every Type of Future Reading
Nomads - Two Towering, Elemental Beings Explore your Event - Puppets Walkabout
Two Towering, Elemental Beings Explore your Event
Nursie and The Pram - The Opinionated Twins - Puppetry Walkabout Entertainers
The Opinionated Twins
Contemporary Walkabout Puppetry Surrealism
Angels, Mohicans and Human Televisions
Poised Ready to Pamper Primp and Preen
Stilt Walking Glam Rockers and Jack Frosts
Jack of all Trades Master of Fun
Oral Ping Pong Juggling
Romany - Diva of Magic - Walkabout and Cabaret Entertainer
Diva of Magic
Versatile All Female Troupe
Rum BaBa's Devils Valkyrie Vikings - Female Viking Warriors on Stilts
Female Viking Warriors on Stilts
The Animated Street Theatre
Rum BaBa's Fats and Toots - 1930's gangster and moll stilt walkers - walkabout
1930's gangster and moll stilt walkers
Rum BaBa's Flower Seller - Victorian Flower Seller on Stilts - Walkabout
Victorian Flower Seller on Stilts
Sam Veale - - Walkabout and cabaret juggler
Juggler Extraordinaire
All Round Circus Entertainer
Walkabout Circus Entertainer
Still Living Statues - Human Statues - Installation
Living Pieces of Art
Sensationally skilled Street Theatre blending Circus & Vintage Dance
Tall Travoltas - Stilt Walking Entertainers
Stilt Walking Seventies Entertainers
Comedy Walkabout Characters
Comedy Hat, Ball and Club Juggler and Plate Spinner
Versatile Circus Walkbout
Virtigo Stilts - The Lobsters - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
Stilt Walking Costumes Drreams are Made of
The Experience To Bring Your Event To Life
World of Coco - Aerial Hoop - Circus Entertainer - cabaret
Aerial Circus Drama