Street Entertainers, Street Performers, Street Shows, Classic Covent Garden Style Entertainers

Acrobatic Dance Water German Wheel Show
Colourful, Creative and Captivating Hula Hooper!
Specializing in Spectacular Street Theatre
Balloonatic - Walkabout Balloon Modeller Entertainers
The UK's Most Extravagant Balloon Artists
Giant Slinkie Shows
Bees - Installation of Multiple Hives - Interactive Entertainment
Installation of Multiple Hives
Black Eagles - Acrobats - Show
Totally Stunning Acrobats From Tanzania
Street Works Street Show
BOSI's Shirt or Squirt - Race Against the Water Pistol - Installation
Race Against the Water Pistol
Bread's DJ Booth - Comedy Party DJ Entertainers
Comedy Party DJ Entertainers
Bread's Gifted the Space Cadet - Comedy Street Show
Comedy Street Show
Bread's Green Finger Folk - Roaming comic plant pots - Walkabout
Roaming comic plant pots
Bread's Van Dunk Brothers - Comedy Swimming Entertainers - Street Show Walkabout
Comedy Swimming Entertainers
One Brave Man, One Enormous Balloon, One Amazing Show
Family Friendly Entertainers of Bubbles
ChiChi the Panda - Playful Pandas Up Close - Walkabout Entertainers
Playful Pandas Up Close
Light Up Christmas Tree with a Real Life Angel
Fun Filled Family Entertainment
Human Cannons and The Ironing Board of Death
Junk Percussionistas Create The Big Noise in Town
An Eccentric Quirky Character
Clown Town Crimewatch - Dingle Fingle Clown Chauffeur - Comedy Clown Car Act
Dingle Fingle Clown Chauffeur
Comedy Trampoline Double Act
Combining Spectacle with Stilts, Slapstick, Style and Storytelling
Ice Cream Based Mobile, Musical Theatre
Dave Chameleon - Ringmaster and street shows -
Improvisation and Comedy with a Theatrical Style
Desert Island Discs - Comedy Slackrope Street Show -
Comedy Slackrope Show
Classic Clown Car Act and Comedy Waiter
Dizzy Walkers - Beautiful, elegant tightwire spectacle - Circus Cabaret
Beautiful, elegant tightwire spectacle
Comedy Characters and Large Scale Intallations
Walkabout Comedy Puppetry
High Quality, Original Comedy Performances
flame oz - Fire Show - Cabaret Circus Entertainers
Spectacular Fire Show
Aerial Circus
Foodies - Comedy Entertainers - Installation / Street Show / Walkabout
Comedy Food Theme Walkabout Entertainers
Consumate Clowning
Frenetic - Calamity Jane - Wild West Circus Show
Dynamic Circus and Street Theatre
Fudge's Weather House - Circus, Music & Comedy Street Show
Circus, Music & Comedy Street Show
Funkstylerz - Breakdance - Dancers - Show or Workshop
The UK's #1 Breakdance, Hip Hop and Funkstyle Dance Company
The World's Leading Juggling Specialists
Dancing in the face of Gravity
Jon Hicks - Artist in Action - Cabaret Entertainer and Street Performer
Artist in Action
Kwabana Lindsay - Slack Rope Walker - Street Show
Versatile Old School Entertainer
Larger Than Life - The Ostriches - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
With Attitude - and Altitude!
The Creatures, The Martians and Felix and Felix
Lost on Earth - Comedy Crashed Aliens Street Show
Comedy Crashed Aliens Street Show
Balancing Genuine Hilarity and Awe Inspiring Skill
Methods of Movement - Acrobatic Breakdance Crew - Dance - Show or Walkabout
Acrobatic Breakdance Crew
Nuanced, Breathtaking and Highly-Skilled Acrobatic Theatre
Miss Behave - Sword Swallower - Show or MC
Mistress of Ceremonies, Eccentric Comedian and Speciality Act
Angels, Mohicans and Human Televisions
Dedicated to Teaching and Displaying the Discipline of Parkour
Versatile All Female Troupe
The Animated Street Theatre
Circo Rum Ba Ba - The Whale - Show and Installation
50ft Inflatable Sperm Whale Theatre
Acrobatic and Aerial show
Specialist in Hospitality, Conferences, Functions, Magic Coaching and Weddings
All Round Circus Entertainer
Walkabout Circus Entertainer
Strangelings - The Explorers - Walkabout Entertainers
Ice Age Walkabout
Summer Garden - Acrobatic and Aerial show and rig - Entertainers
Acrobatic and Aerial show and rig
Sensationally skilled Street Theatre blending Circus & Vintage Dance
Comedy Hat, Ball and Club Juggler and Plate Spinner
Versatile Circus Walkbout
The Future of Entertainment
Tumble Circus - Irish Aerial street circus, acrobats and clowns
A Unique Experience of Innovative Circus
The Experience To Bring Your Event To Life