Human Statue Still Life Background Entertainers

Bolli's Forest Fauns - Walkabout Spirit of the Forest Entertainers
Walkabout Spirit of the Forest Entertainers
Bolli's Ice Queen - Human Statue Entertainer
Exquisite Human Statue
Bolli's Olympic Torches - Walkabout and Statue Entertainers
Entertainers to Light Up Your Event
Bolli's Peacock Statues - Human Statue Entertainers
Extravagant Human Statues
Bolli's Statues - Exquisite human statues
Exquisite human statues
Crystal Music Box - Musical Statue - Installation
An Air of Fairytale Romance to Any Special Event
Deamon Stilts - Wedding Cakes on Stilts - Stilt Walkers
Beautiful Theatrical Circus Nightmares
Dream - Clown Stilts - Walkabout
Such Stuff as Dreams are Made of
Electric Cabaret - Human statues - Living Statues - Entertainers
Entertainment with a Surreal Twist
Fire Knights - Flame Holding Armoured Knights - Human Statue Entertainers
Flame Holding Armoured Knights
Half man - half animal walkabout entertainers
Living Statues - Human Topiary and Human Statues
Human Topiary and Human Statues
The Birds are Impressive and Magnificent and Their Detail is Dazzling
Mr Cool - Snowman Entertainer
Interactive Snowman Festive Entertainment
Angels, Mohicans and Human Televisions
Walkabout Puppets, Workshops and Stilt Walkers
Still Living Statues - Human Statues - Installation
Living Pieces of Art
Strangelings - The Explorers - Walkabout Entertainers
Ice Age Walkabout
Dare-Devil Stunts and High Flying Somersaults