Illuminated performers, glow cabaret, light shows and UV shows

Aerial Hoop Group - Acrobatic Aerial Angels Glow Circus Entertainers
Acrobatic Aerial Angels
Airlight - Aerial Glow Circus Hoops - Cabaret Entertainers
Aerial Glow Hoops
Colourful, Creative and Captivating Hula Hooper!
Beautiful Belles - Stilt Walking Bells Walkabout Entertainers
Stilt Walking Bells
Light Up Road Works - Glow installation
Light Up Road Works
Butterfly - Light Dance Projection Show
Light Dance Projection Show
Divine Company - ribbon dancers stilt walkers fire performers entertainers
Combine Elements of Circus and Dance
Divine Optioscopes - light dancers  - walkabout circus entertainers -
Illuminated dancers
Dream Hoops - Aerial Hoops - Cabaret Circus Entertainer
Aerial Hoops
Shadow Dance Acrobatic Show
Travelling Royal Carriage
Falling Celestials - Art Deco Stilt Walkers - Walkabout Entertainers
Art Deco Stilt Walkers
flame oz - Fire Show - Cabaret Circus Entertainers
Spectacular Fire Show
Stilt Walking Lord and Lady Pompous
Halo - Glow Jugglers - Circus Glow Show Cabaret Act
Circus Glow Show
Hoop La La - Hula Heros - Hula Hoop - Show or Walkabout
Acrobalance, Dance, Comedy and Most Importantly, Hula-Hooping!
Freestanding Beautiful Aerial Ballet
Light Belles Stilt Walkers Walkabout Entertainment
Light Up Stilt Walkers
Light Walkers - Glowing Stilt Walkers - Circus Roaming Entertainers
Glowing Stilt Walkers
The Birds are Impressive and Magnificent and Their Detail is Dazzling
Rob Horsman's Elliptical Circus Juggler and Cabaret Circus Entertainer
Juggling The Unbelieveable, The Incredible and The Magical
Hula Hoop Dancer and Circus Entertainer
All Round Circus Entertainer
Comedy Hat, Ball and Club Juggler and Plate Spinner
The Sprites - The Winter Sprites - Christmas Puppet Pixies
Winter Spites and Summer Sprite Puppet Entertainers
The Experience To Bring Your Event To Life
Performance Art Comes Alive and Interactive