Fire swingers, fire breathers, fire eaters, fire jugglers, fire poi and fire dancers

Brilliantly Inspired, Gorgeously Absurd, Hilarious Comic Performance
Candelabra - Human contortion fire candelabra  - Cabaret Entertainer
Human contortion fire candelabra
Dee Gem - Circus Aerialist and Fire Entertainer Cabaret or Walkabout Entertainer
Circus Aerialist and Fire Entetainer
Classic Clown Car Act and Comedy Waiter
Divine Fire - Fire Dancers and Fire Ballet - Cabaret wand walkabout entertainers
Fire Dancers and Fire Ballet
Fire Knights - Flame Holding Armoured Knights - Human Statue Entertainers
Flame Holding Armoured Knights
Fire Lords - Flaming Stilt Walkers - Circus Stilt Walkers
Flaming Stilt Walkers
flame oz - Fire Show - Cabaret Circus Entertainers
Spectacular Fire Show
Mr Doo - Juggling Jesters - Walkabout
All Round Circus Performer
Angle Grinding Performer Stilt Walking Entertainer
Rob Horsman's Elliptical Circus Juggler and Cabaret Circus Entertainer
Juggling The Unbelieveable, The Incredible and The Magical
All Round Circus Entertainer
The Madness of Alice - Circus Wonderland Show and Walkabout Entertainers
Circus Wonderland Show and Walkabout Entertainers
Versatile Circus Walkbout
The Experience To Bring Your Event To Life