The 1950’s Perfect Balloon Modelling Housewife
Specializing in Spectacular Street Theatre
Balloonatic - Walkabout Balloon Modeller Entertainers
The UK's Most Extravagant Balloon Artists
Brilliantly Inspired, Gorgeously Absurd, Hilarious Comic Performance
Bread's Pete and Ged Moss - Comedy Expert Gardeners - Walkabout entertainers
Comedy Expert Gardeners
Bread's Wannabe TV - Walkabout Comedy Entertainers
A new breed of reality TV
Balloon Antics and Clowning Mayhem
The Goblins Oddness and Grottstick
Combining Spectacle with Stilts, Slapstick, Style and Storytelling
Dave Chameleon - Ringmaster and street shows -
Improvisation and Comedy with a Theatrical Style
Divine Company - ribbon dancers stilt walkers fire performers entertainers
Combine Elements of Circus and Dance
Comedy Characters and Large Scale Intallations
Easy Lay Eggs - Pesky Puppetry Walkabout Farmers - Entertainers
Pesky Puppetry Walkabout Farmers
Electric Cabaret - Human statues - Living Statues - Entertainers
Entertainment with a Surreal Twist
Walkabout Comedy Puppetry
High Quality, Original Comedy Performances
Farmer Giles - Comedy Walkabout Entertainer
The Countryside's Most Famous Gossip
Feature's Gossips - Walkabout comedy housewives - Entertainers
Walkabout comedy housewives
Feature's Restoration - The Restoration - Walkabout
Beautiful Costumes, Colourful Characters
Juggling with Technology
Flying Buttresses - Elderly Puppetry Couple of Miniature Proportions - Walkabout Entertainers
Elderly Puppetry Couple of Miniature Proportions
Hoop La La - Hula Heros - Hula Hoop - Show or Walkabout
Acrobalance, Dance, Comedy and Most Importantly, Hula-Hooping!
The World's First Music Hall cum R 'n' B Superstar
Larger Than Life - The Ostriches - Stilt Walkers - Walkabout
With Attitude - and Altitude!
Specialise in Amazing Gliding Characters
Light Walkers - Glowing Stilt Walkers - Circus Roaming Entertainers
Glowing Stilt Walkers
The Creatures, The Martians and Felix and Felix
The Birds are Impressive and Magnificent and Their Detail is Dazzling
Distinctive Performer
Maynard Flipflap - Man in a box walkabout entertainer
The World's Only Man in a Box and The Tap Dancing Turkeys
Miss Behave - Sword Swallower - Show or MC
Mistress of Ceremonies, Eccentric Comedian and Speciality Act
Mr Doo - Juggling Jesters - Walkabout
All Round Circus Performer
Singing Waiters and other Surprise Guests
Jack of all Trades Master of Fun
Romany - Diva of Magic - Walkabout and Cabaret Entertainer
Diva of Magic
Versatile All Female Troupe
Walkabout Puppets, Workshops and Stilt Walkers
Over Enthusiastic Ballroom Dancers
Walkabout Circus Entertainer
Still Living Statues - Human Statues - Installation
Living Pieces of Art
Completely Mad Characters! Completely Brilliant Characters!
Versatile Circus Walkbout