About Us....

How Did we Start?
Missing Link Productions started as a small thought bubble when my own performing career came to rather an abrupt end at the age of eighteen.

After a year of gathering ideas and inspiration, I decided that the way to set things up would be as an internet based company. The bonus for me was that the internet made business a lot more portable, something which is very important in the circus industry.

By designing an online 'catalogue of artists' and conducting the majority of our communication through email we are able to work on events whilst still keeping in touch with both clients and performers.

Finding performers posed no problems, as the inspiration for Missing Link had come from the fact that most of my friends were great performers and did not have enough work coming in.

I had a lot of contacts from my performing days and as soon as the web site was up and running we started to get contacted about our performers.

We started working on festivals and community events and soon moved into marketing and promotions. We swiftly built a good reputation and a strong client base not only because of the outstanding talents of our performers, but also due to the fact that although most people are willing to hike up their prices for corporate work, very few of them were willing to lower them for community events.

Our areas of work soon broadened to include television and corporate clients (as well as a lot of wedding receptions and bar mitzvahs!).

We have a loyal commitment to finding the best possible entertainers for your events and approach every project with a passion.

It is a dream come true to be able to make a living out of getting my friends work. I love my job. We sincerely hope that we can make people at your event as happy and fulfilled as our work makes us.

Who Are We?
Missing Link Productions are

Anna Strickland - Director, Account Manager and Email Answerer
Philip Strickland - Legal Affairs and Diplomatic Correspondant
Howie Bailey - Designer and Video King