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Lenny Stobart

Comedy Caricaturist
Lenny Stobart - Comedy Caricaturist - Entertainer

A new take on the traditional caricaturist. Be prepared to be mocked, because Lenny will draw you warts and all - even if you don’t have warts. ‘Lenny Stobart’ is a street theatre performance, which not only involves drawing people, but also provides amusement to everyone watching. As ‘Lenny’ draws his subject he also says what he thinks about the way they look, ‘mocking’ them out loud. No one is left in any doubt as to how ugly they are – and they get to keep the drawing to prove it. Lenny comes with a pencil, a wicked tongue, and an Artistic Licence.

Lenny Stobart - Comedy Caricaturist - EntertainerLenny Stobart

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