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Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage

A Dinky, Fully Furnished, Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage
Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage - Entertainers

A dinky, fully furnished, lighthouse keeper’s cottage and striped red and white tower complete with revolving seagull. The lighthouse keeper - a retired seadog who rambles through a vast arsenal of comic stories and anecdotes about kippers, guillemots, oyster smacks and the never ending menace of bird’s mess! "Lighthouse Willie" invites you and your children to step into his cosy cabin and enjoy it’s comfy ambience, and watch our animated films about "Lighthouse Willie’s Adventures". In between shows, audience members can peer through the cabin’s portholes and watch more stopmotion animation whilst listening to the dialogue on headphones. This comic show / installation marks a new departure for Bob & Bob Jobbins, combining some of the elements of bold, comic street theatre, amazing props and construction. With the unique visual magic of stop motion animation. This is the first of a series of animation booths which will feature new comic characters and quirky constructions. The lighthouse show was premiered at appledore visual arts festival in June 2010. The lighthouse show is perfect for maritime and other events. The lighthouse show can be booked as a stand alone theatre performance /installation. It can also be booked with an additional days animated film making workshop (children’s films can then be shown in the lighthouse) or a lighthouse / maritime model making workshop.

Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage - EntertainersLighthouse Keeper's Cottage - EntertainersLighthouse Keeper's Cottage - EntertainersLighthouse Keeper's Cottage - Entertainers

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